SalesForce Developer Training and Certification

Join our salesforce developer training program to get the best salesforce training through online or offline classes and even we offer one 2 one classes. The program has been designed to help the developers build the custom applications and also they can get certified along the way. Our salesforce development training will enable you to develop your own cloud applications using saleforces platform.

The courses are carefully designed by the salesforce experts who has years of experience in the Sales Force CRM field. In salesforce developer training course you will learn how to design and build applications with clicks and no code. At the end of the course, you will be able to choose the right development tools for any project. Along with the training, you will be given saleforce developer training material.

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A team of highly dedicated professionals with industry experience will conduct classes to the course participants. The participants can interact with trainers and grasp knowledge to produce better results. The trainers will impart the real time experience on SalesForce developer course and help the course participants throughout to perform better. Participants will get special attention whenever they find difficulty in understanding the technicality in the subject. Specifically our salesforce training in India are aimed at attending the immediate industry requirements and therefore, a new job aspirant can easily get into SalesForce CRM developer jobs while experienced executives or managers can improvise their sales performance in their respective organizations.

Course Period: 6-8 Weeks (Approx. 60hrs)

Introductory Concepts

  • What is Cloud computing
  • How Cloud Computing evolved.
  • Characteristics of Cloud Computing
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of Cloud Computing
  • SAAS (Software as a Service)
  • PAAS (Platform as a Service)
  • IAAS (Infrastructure as a Service)

Salesforce CRM Concepts

  • Salesforce CRM
    • What is CRM?
    • Sales force CRM and Comparison with other CRM Products.
  • Sales Force Editions
  • Salesforce setup process for developer edition.
  • Under Stand CRM Objects and Tabs
  • Create Custom Profiles, Custom Object & Custom Fields
  • Understand different field types
  • Use of Validation & Formulas
  • Customize Page Layouts
  • Customize Standard Related Lists
  • Custom Settings
  • Workflow
    • Workflow Definition and Setup
    • How to setup Workflow Tasks & Alerts
    • Approvals Using Workflow
    • How to use the Approval Wizard
    • How to create Workflow Approvals
  • Security & Access
    • Sharing Settings
    • Field Accessibility
    • Password Policies
    • Remote Site Settings
    • Users
    • Profiles
    • Roles
    • Permission sets
  • Email Administration
    • Overview of email settings
    • Usage of email templates
    • Mass Email
  • Data Utilities
    • Importing Overview
    • Learn About Import Solutions
    • Use Storage
    • Understand and user different data loader tools(Apex Data Loader)
    • Use of excel connector
  • Analytics
    • Create Custom Reports
    • Use Advance Filters
    • Use Conditional Highlighting
    • Use Custom Summary Formulas
    • Use Dashboards
  • Extending Salesforce CRM
    • Learn About Custom Objects
    • Learn About Custom Tabs
    • Learn About Custom Web Tabs
  • Force.Com Platform
    • Introduction
    • Performance monitoring tools and Developer Console
    • Debugging page
  • Visual Force
    • Introduction & Tools
    • Purpose of Visual force
    • Page Architecture
    • Understand difference between read-only page and non –read only page
    • Understand view state and it's limitation
  • Static Resources
    • Introduction
    • How to upload files
    • Use of static resource in visual force page
  • User Interface
    • Understand Standard UI controls
    • Creating Components
    • Distributing components
    • Styling VF Pages
    • Overriding Buttons, Links & Tabs with VF
    • Using JavaScript and third party libraries in VF Pages
    • Ajax utilities and interaction with backend
    • Advanced Examples
  • Apex
    • Introduction to Apex
    • Purpose of Apex
    • Collections
    • Loops
    • Triggers
    • Invoking Apex
    • Classes, Objects & Interfaces
    • Testing Apex
    • Dynamic Apex
    • Batch Apex
    • Debugging Apex
    • Deploying Apex
    • Developing Apex in Managed Packages
  • SOQL and SOSL
    • Overview of SOQL
    • Comparison SOQL with SQL
    • Limitation Of SOQL
    • SOSL Queries
  • API
    • Overview of SOAP API
    • Overview of REST API
    • Creating and distributing SOAP and REST API
  • Salesforce Sites
    • Overview of Sites in Salesforce environment
    • Domain registration
    • Access Settings
    • Sites Visualforce pages
    • Limits and Usage History
  • Chatter
    • Overview of Chatter
    • Chatter Settings
    • Chatter Feed on Custom and Standard objects
    • Chatter groups
    • Limits and Usage History
  • Best Practices
    • In SOQL
    • In Apex Programming
    • How to overcome security issues
    • How to avoid hitting limits
  • Governor Limits
    • What are governor limits in salesforce
    • Limits comparison between editions
  • Packaging
    • Overview of packaging
    • Understand AppExchange
    • Creating and distributing package.
    • Running Security Scanner on package
    • Upgrading package
  • Certifications
    • Overview of DEV 401 & DEV 501 Certifications
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