Real Time Projects in ASP DOT NET (.NET Training in Hyderabad)

AADS Education offers .Net technologies training for individuals to build professional career in .Net platform, in this program we cover all the modules required for web development and services, We also cover all the aspect of .NET development architecture. By joining the course you will become professional web developer cum programmer in .Net technologies.

Special Feature of the .NET Course:

After completion of the .net course we will provide you 1 week exclusive training on international real time project Absolutely Free. This special training is provided to our students only, so that they can implement the subject they have learned in the real time environment. You will be assigned one international live project and team lead will assist students in working on the project. You will also get the project documentation and source code.

Duration : 30 Days
Topics covered : C#, and MS SQL Server

Who Can Join this .NET Training Course

Engineering graduates and final year students who wants to become .net,, C# programmer and developer.

Topics Covered in C#

  • What is .net, Features & advantages of .net
  • What is .net frame work CLR, BCL, JIT, Name spaces
  • Introduction to C# language, Data types, Console applications, Control statements, If else, for, while, Do while, Functions & procedures
  • Oops concepts, classes objects ,introduction to windows, applications, forms
  • Text boxes, labels, buttons, picture boxes List boxes ,Combo Boxes, timer
  • Radio buttons, check boxes, Message boxes, track bar,Scroll bars Creation of Main menu, Tool strip, rich text box, status bar, context menu, tab control, tree view, Concepts of Files
  • File stream, stream reader, stream writer
  • Introduction to ADO.NET, Objects of Connected Architecture (Connection, Command, Reader) ADO.NET Objects of Disconnected architecture (Connection, adapter, dataset)
  • Usage of data controls, Data grid view, adapter, dataset, Inserting, deleting, updating records in the database, binding manager base (SQL server, disconnected arch.)
  • Inserting, deleting, updating records, in the database (SQL Server, connected arch.) Inserting , deleting, updating In MS. Access & SQL Database
  • Introduction to assemblies (private assemblies) Global assemblies
  • Crystal reports (creating & modifying the design), Windows services, Icon creation
  • Exception handling & Setup & deployment
  • Outline revision

Topic Covered in ASP.Net Training

  • Introduction about web technologies, difference between ASP and ASP.NET, about websites, static and dynamic webpages, scripts.
  • About webserver controls and client side HTML controls. Introduction to HTML and XML.
  • Page life cycle. Explanation about page events
  • Page Navigation, cross page navigation, difference between response, redirect and server transfer methods.
  • Frame set concept and Iframe, introduction to validation controls in ASP.NET, grouping concept.
  • Introduction to ADO.NET, history of ADO.NET, about drivers and providers (jet, ODBC, OLE DB).
  • SQL connection, SQL command, SQL data adapter, data reader classes.
  • About dataset, few examples on ADO.NET, about data controls, data source controls.
  • Example on data source controls, built-in DML operations on grid view, paging concept.
  • Master page concept, web user controls, some examples on master page and web user controls.
  • Generation of DLL file, integration of DLL, few examples.
  • Styles and themes in ASP.Net, [inline,embedded,CSS], one example on each.
  • Web config file, configuration settings, global application class, explain events in this file.
  • State management concept, query string, view state
  • Session, Application and examples on them
  • Introduction to remoting, examples on it.
  • About Web service, example on it.
  • Introduction to AJAX, one example on AJAX controls.
  • ASP.NET caching, example on it.
  • Stored procedures, examples on

Topics Covered in MS-SQL Server

  • Introduction about RDBMS.
  • Data Types in SQL Server.
  • About DDL and DML Commands
  • DDL and DML command on Database and it's objects
  • Normalization, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Normal Forms and its advantages,
  • Pre defined Constraints and maintaining relationships among the tables.
  • Views Joins , Sub queries
  • About Stored Procedures With examples.

Feedback from our Participants

Satisfied ITIL Intermediate Learner – Mr. Praveen Paruchuri

Nazima Parveen
.Net, Hyderabad

I joined AADS Education to for dotnet training. My knowledge in dotnet before i joined was null. But the training program and especially the project enhanced my dotnet skills. The staff was very cooperative and friendly. Today after the training i am confident that i can apply for jobs and start my career. Thanks to AADS

Testimonial from Mr. Diwakar Arora for AADS Education training programmes

Rashmi Kalyani
.Net, Hyderabad

The teaching was very good. I have understood quite a lot of topics which were hard to grasp earlier

Testimonial from Mr. N Sai Kiran for AADS Education training programmes

N Sai Kiran
.Net, Hyderabad

AADS Education is tremendously exciting place to learn new things. The staff are friendly and helpful. Thanks to AADS.

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