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Our money refund policy is simple and transparent, always in favour of students. All the trainings and courses bought on the website as well as offline are governed by our refund policy stated here within:

Before raising a refund request, we request you to address problems if any faced. If you want a different trainer to guide you; we will allot the trainer at your request. In cases of rescheduling classes, please refer to our rescheduling policy.

For Classroom Training

Once Delegate has made full payment for the training, they can avail a full refund for the training no questions asked, if reported within 2 hours of the course start. (Individuals have to pay the full training fees as informed before attending any sessions).

For Instructor-Led Virtual Classroom Training:

Delegates can avail a full refund for the training no questions asked, if reported within 2 sessions or 4 hours of commencement of the training period, which ever is earlier

For both Classroom and Instructor-Led Virtual Classroom Training

  • For delegates raising a refund request, who pay a partial amount of the fee and receive training materials; refund is made by deducting cost of training materials provided
  • Delegates who attend our demo sessions before signing up for the course cannot avail a refund excluding cases where rescheduling is applicable.
  • All refund requests will be processed within 45 days of request approval. Delegates who have raised such refund requests should wait until the 45 day period is completed.
  • Any delegate who posts a negative review or does any action that affects the company reputation during this process will be void to receive the refund and might be banned from using our platform and services in the future based on severity of the issue.

For e-learning courses

  • Avail a full refund for e-learning course, reported within 24 hours of buying the course including the conditions:
    • If the delegate has bought the wrong course
    • If the delegate has not gone through more than 10% of the course material provided
    • If the delegate has not downloaded any materials or videos provided from the course
  • In case of buying the wrong course, please contact our customer support if you opt in to buy the course you wanted to.
  • In either of the above cases, administration fees are deducted before availing refund.
  • The Delegates cannot avail a refund if found misusing our services or sharing accounts with other users or compromising any other assets. In this case, AADS Education reserves the right to take necessary action on the delegate.

My query or situation is not listed, what now? Please check our FAQs before contacting our customer support for help.

Rescheduling Policy for Classroom and Instructor-Led Live Classroom Training:

In case AADS Education reschedules any training event due to internal issues or force majeure events, the options available to the delegate are:

  • 100% refund will be made if the rescheduling dates do not fit into the delegate schedule
  • The delegate has the privilege of rescheduling and attending the training at their convenience on any date of available scheduled training
  • The delegate if wishes to, can send their replacement (substitute) to attend the training. In this case, please inform the management prior to at least 3 days ahead of the event date

Whereas, if for some unforeseen reasons, delegate wants to reschedule their registration to a future date, the options available are listed below:

  • The delegate can request a reschedule 7 days prior to the commencement of the training program. As training seats are subjected to a limit of availability in classroom, please reach back to us at the earliest
  • The delegate can send their replacement (substitute) for the training period as stated earlier. In case of instructor-led virtual classroom, delegate can opt for a reschedule for the class missed.

At AADSEducation, we are committed to deliver the best professional training programs and courses to students. If you have any suggestions or think there is a room for improvement on our end, please do not hesitate to reach our customer care and let us know.

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