J2SE Training course outline: Core Java

Duration: 30 hrs

Day Topic Duration
Day1 Introduction to Java Technology 1 hr
Day2 Data types, Operators, Control Structures 1 hr
Day3 OOPS Concepts 1 hr 30 mins
Day4 Inheritance 2 hrs
Day5 Encapsulation, Polymorphism 1 hr
Day6 Abstract Classes, Interfaces 2 hr
Day7 String Processing 1 hr
Day8 Packages, Wrapper Classes 2 hrs
Day9 Exception Handling 1 hr
Day10 Multi-threading 1 hr
Day11 I/O Streams 1 hr
Day12 Inner Classes 1 hr
Day13 Collections 1 hr
Day14 Collections 1 hr
Day15 Collections 1 hr
Day16 Abstract Window ToolKit(Introduction) 1 hr
Day17 AWT Components 1 hr
Day18 AWT Components 1 hr
Day19 Application on AWT Components 2hrs
Day20 Introduction to Swings 1 hr (24)
Day21 Examples onSwings 1 hr
Day22 Introduction to Applets 1 hr
Day23 Examples on Applets 2 hrs
Day24 Introduction to Network programming and example 2 hrs

Live Project or Real Time Project Training