Marketing Automation in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015

Module 1: Introduction (It describes about creating and using marketing lists in Microsoft Dynamics CRM)

  • Benefits of Closed Loop Marketing
  • Creating and Using Marketing Lists
  • Marketing Campaigns and Quick Campaigns
  • Quick Campaigns
  • Introduction to Marketing Campaigns
  • Creating a Marketing Campaign
  • Creating and Using Campaign Templates
  • Importing Leads

Module 2: In this module we discuss about campaigns activities and marketing lists. And also about the sales, target of products and price lists.

  • Campaigns, Campaign Activities and Marketing Lists
  • Creating and Using Email Templates
  • Sales Literature, Products and Price Lists
  • Distributing Campaign Activities
  • Capturing and Viewing Campaign Responses
  • Working with Campaign Responses

Module 3:, Reporting, Analysis and Goals (This module discuss about working reports which is use to review the performance of the campaign.)

  • Analyzing Marketing Information with Lists, Views and Charts
  • Working with Reports
  • Creating and Managing Marketing Goals
  • Creating Charts
  • Customizing and Working with Dashboards
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