Advanced Excel Macro VBA Training

Advanced Excel Macro VBA Training

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Key Features

Our e-Learning course is as good as attending classroom session. If you are not happy with the course, get 100% refund.

  • Simple and Easy Video Tutorials
  • 4 hours & 40 minutes VBA Training Videos; Total 35 sessions
  • Lifetime Access to this course – Learn at your own pace!
  • Access anywhere from any device (Mobile, Laptop, Desktop, Tablet)
  • Course completion certificate
  • 100% pass rate for Microsoft Certification Exam
  • Training by 20+ years experienced Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Support via email and live chat
  • International Accredited & Award Winning Training Organization
  • 18 Years of Trust in offering classroom, online and e-learning courses
  • Learn VBA Excel, save time by creating macros for automating repetitive tasks

AADSEducation's Advance Excel Macro VBA training course teaches you techniques employed by experienced professionals to enhance your use of Excel, save time doing complex tasks with macros. Learn concepts ranging from creating macros, procedures to writing excel functions in VBA. By the end of the course, you will become an expert in using Excel, creating macros and shortcuts to save time! You can clear the Microsoft Certification Exam with this course. For booking a slot for exam, reach us via customer support. Below are the topics you will learn in this course:

Topics covered in this course

1. Macro VBA Introduction
1.1 Macro VBA Introduction 02:50
1.2 Macro recording and Saving 17:04
1.3 Macro Security 03:12
1.4 Visual Basic Editor 06:46
2. Writing Procedures
2.1 VBA Procedure types 10:10
2.2 Scope of Procedures 07:08
2.3 Writing Comments in VBA 03:17
2.4 User Define Function 05:26
2.5 Calling Function Procedure in Sub Procedure 01:42
3. Working with Dialog Box
3.1 Customizing Message Box in VBA 08:37
3.2 Input Box in VBA 04:03
4. Basic Programming in VBA
4.1 Variable, Data types, Constants in VBA 09:17
4.2 VBA Operators 04:20
5. Looping and Condition in VBA
5.1 Decision Making Statement(If Condition) 07:53
5.2 Decision Making Statement(Switch Case) 06:59
5.3 Looping in VBA 07:39
6. Object Model and Events
6.1 Object Model in VBA 11:44
6.2 Working with Range Object 11:29
6.3 Worksheets Object and Events 05:17
6.4 Workbook Object and Events 03:39
6.5 Application Objects 07:04
7. Working with Arrays
7.1 Array -Single Dimensional 06:06
7.2 Array-Double Dimensional 04:56
8. Understanding and handling Errors
8.1 Error Handling in VBA Code 08:00
8.2 Type of errors in VBA 06:53
9. Working with Charts
9.1 Creating Chart using VBA 02:51
10. User Forms
10.1 Creating User Forms 39:20
11. Import Data into Excel
11.1 Data Import from MS Access Table 12:51
11.2 Create Text File using VBA 02:03
11.3 Import Data from text file 01:52
12. Excel Functions in VBA
12.1 Using Excel Function Sum, Max, Min, Vlookup 08:29
12.2 Lookup Function Returning Multiple Values 07:31
13. VBA Examples
13.1 Recording and editing Macro to filter & copy data into another sheet 16:28
13.2 Sort data using VBA Code 02:37
13.3 Creating Pivot Table using VBA Macro 06:29
13.4 Split data into multiple workbook 10:39
13.5 Change case to upper, lower and proper 05:09

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does Advanced Excel Macro VBA course consist of?

Advanced Excel Macro VBA course consists of concepts ranging from creating Macros, assigning shortcut keys to defining own functions and procedures using VBA.

How can I get certification?
  • After completion of learning modules, you can send an email to or send a message via live chat. You’ll receive a course completion certificate via email within 48 hours.
  • For Microsoft Certification, please contact us via customer support and we will book a slot for your examination
How can I get my doubts cleared?

We offer 3 level support to clear your doubts

  • Free Email Support – Send us an email at regarding your doubts and you will receive a reply within 24 hours from the trainer during working days. On Holidays/Weekends, your doubts will be answered within the next 24 hours
  • Join a doubt clearing session along with other students. Contact our customer support to join the session
  • For personalized experience or in case of urgency, you can book for one to one session. To book your slot, send us an email at
Do you provide classroom training for Advanced Excel Macro VBA?

We have discontinued classroom training for this course. Our e-learning course is budget-fit and the cost of the course is 5 times lesser than classroom training. Other advantage is that you can access the course anytime, anywhere. With our lifetime access on courses, you can refer to the videos whenever you have doubts!

Benefits of learning Macro VBA

  • Complete any Excel task thousand times faster using macros and shortcuts!
  • Automate repetitive tasks in Excel, saving you time, being productive
  • Assign shortcuts to solve complex problems, create reports for large data quickly at the click of a single button
  • Create your own functions and procedures. Yes, you can create your own predefined functions like sum, index, match. (Ex: Create own function for calculating BMI – Body Mass Index)
  • Create macros that your team can use and benefit from! Use add-ins to transfer macros to your team to use.
  • By learning this course, individuals will be able to clear: Exam certification of Microsoft Advanced Excel

Who Should Attend?

  • Any individual who uses Excel in their daily life
  • Accountants, Auditors, Financial planners to put an end to boring repetitive tasks
  • Managers, Project Managers, Project Planners who handle excel files and want to become more productive by using macros
  • Anyone who wants an introduction to programming or want to seek new skills to improve their productivity

About the Trainers

  • Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)
  • Microsoft product specialist corporate Trainer with 20+ years of Experience
  • Has delivered more than 1000 trainings with a modest feedback of over 4.5/5 throughout the career
  • Very proficient in modern tools and technology which are used as a reference point in teaching when required
  • Is a key contributor and Author to various Microsoft technical E-books
  • Dedicated from past 20+ years delivering Microsoft Office trainings
  • Globally Recognized industrial expert
  • A very rich experience of handling Spreadsheets and PPTs in various domains, having close Matrix teams to Geo-separated teams with varying sizes and complexities

Why Aads Education?

  • Excellent Customer and after sales support
  • Global Experience of 16 years in the field of Education, IT, Management Services and Media
  • Collaboration with Global Giants in the field of Education
  • Award Winning Training organization
  • We operate in multiple countries
  • We offer both Online and Classroom trainings
  • We constantly upgrade our course ware, staff, facilities, trainers and we follow the latest trends of the market so that we can offer you the best and latest
  • We assist our participant in placements through our HR consultants and have tie up with large organization
  • Our Professional trainers and mentors are industry experts
  • Our ultimate goal through the training programs is to build high value and high end professionalism in every individual

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  • Why Aads Education?

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