MS SQL Server

Almost every application requires a database to store the information. Let it be either desktop application or web application. When you use Microsoft technologies to build an application, Microsoft SQL Server is a must. When you are aiming to become a professional developer then your understanding of SQL Server, T SQL, Transact SQL plays an important role. A good back-end design is the backbone of any application. As a developer you need to plan, design and implement the database properly. For this you have to understand the database at its micro level. Our Microsoft SQL server training program helps a developer to understand the database and implement it in applications optimally.

Join one of the best SQL server training institutes in Hyderabad and take SQL Server Training Classes to improve your skills in SQL server 2008, SQL server 2005, SQL Server essentials, T SQL or Transact SQL. We offer both classroom and online training.

Aads Education offers Microsoft SQL SERVER training for individuals to build professional career in the following

Database Implementation (programming)

Database Administration

Database Implementation (programming)

Special Feature of the Course:

After completion of the MS SQL Server Implementation course, we will provide 1 week exclusive training on international real time project Absolutely Free. This special training is provided in order to implement the subject you have learned in the real time environment. Basically we will be giving you one international live project assignment and explanation.

Duration: 15 Days

Before joining the Microsoft SQL Server Programming course you can attend a free demo class, for demo class timings please call us on 8008203031

Who Can Join this course?

Engineering graduates, B.E., B.Tech, MCA final year students and anyone who want to gain database knowledge. Developers who want to implement database solutions and do development using the programming feature and functions of SQL Server

Topics Covered:

  • Introduction about RDBMS.
  • Normalization, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Normal Forms and its advantages
  • About DDL and DML Commands
  • DDL and DML command on Database and it's objects
  • Basics of T SQL / Transact SQL
  • Create databases and database files.
  • Create data types and tables.
  • Use XML-related features in Microsoft SQL Server 2008 / 2005.
  • Plan, create, and optimize indexes.
  • Pre defined Constraints and maintaining relationships among the tables.
  • Implement data integrity in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 databases by using constraints.
  • Implement data integrity in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 by using triggers.
  • Views Joins , Sub queries
  • About Stored Procedures With examples.
  • Implement views.
  • Implement stored procedures.
  • Implement functions.
  • Manage transactions and locks.
  • Use Notification Services to generate and send notifications