Free Downloadable MCA Projects in ASP .Net

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1. Content Management System

Advanced Content Management System (CMS) enables companies to quickly and efficiently build, deploy, and maintain highly dynamic websites. It allows managers with little knowledge of HTML and web publishing in general to quickly build web pages and post them on your site. It is ideal for large websites which requires different levels of authority for different sections of the website. As a unique feature, this content management system exposes an easy interface for translation of pages into foreign languages. The interface totally isolates the details of HTML from the translator and guarantees exact same markup on your translated pages.

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2. E- Commerce

This is the online web portal which works for sales and purchase of products directly online. It works on a system called online shopping system, which works on back end provides the admin to add, edit and modify the category and products. This application consists of the following 2 modules: Admin and user Interface Admin in turn consists of sub modules refer below. 1. Admin Module (works back end) 2. User Interface

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3. SMS / Email Scheduler

This web application takes windows services, in any organization management needs communicate through emails and sms; some mails need to be sent at particular time in future. Here this web applications take care of sending those mails and sms to the recipient(s), and if response to those mails received it will store and alert about them. It manages mails like any other portal which support mail services. This application is consists of following 2 modules: 1) Admin module 2) User module

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4. Text to voice converter application

This Application takes input as text and convert it to voice.

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5. Web chat application

This is the web chat application is required to chatting one to one or group without installing software’s in our local system. Users can send chat history to mail or they can save in local system

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