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Real Time Projects in ASP DOT NET (.NET Training in Hyderbad)
Aads Education offers .Net technologies training for individuals to build professional career in .Net platform, in this program we cover all the modules required for web development and services, We also cover all the aspect of .NET development architecture. By joining the course you will become professional web developer cum programmer in .Net technologies.
Special Feature of the .NET Course:
After completion of the .net course we will provide you 1 week exclusive training on international real time project Absolutely Free. This special training is provided to our students only, so that they can implement the subject they have learned in the real time environment. You will be assigned one international live project and team lead will assist students in working on the project. You will also get the project documentation and source code.

Duration: 30 Days

Topics covered: , C# and MS SQL Server
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Who Can Join this .NET Training course

Engineering graduates and final year students who wants to become .net,, C# programmer and developer.
Topic Covered in C#
  • What is .net, Features & advantages of .net
  • What is .net frame work CLR, BCL, JIT, Name spaces
  • Introduction to C# language, Data types, Console applications, Control statements, If else, for, while, Do while, Functions & procedures
  • Oops concepts, classes objects ,introduction to windows, applications, forms
  • Textboxes, labels, buttons, picture boxes List boxes ,Combo Boxes, timer
  • Radio buttons, check boxes, Message boxes, track bar,Scroll bars Creation of Main menu, Tool strip, rich text box, status bar, context menu, tab control, tree view, Concepts of Files
  • File stream, stream reader, stream writer
  • Introduction to ADO.NET, Objects of Connected Architecture (Connection, Command, Reader) ADO.NET Objects of Disconnected architecture (Connection, adapter, dataset)
  • Usage of data controls, Data grid view, adapter, dataset, Inserting, deleting, updating records in the database, binding manager base (Sql server, disconnected arch.)
  • Inserting, deleting, updating records, in the database (SQl Server, connected arch.) Inserting , deleting, updating In MS. Access & SQL Database
  • Introduction to assemblies (private assemblies) Global assemblies
  • Crystal reports (creating & modifying the design), Windows services, Icon creation
  • Exception handling & Setup & deployment
  • Outline revision
Topic Covered in ASP.Net Training
  • Introduction about web technologies, difference between ASP and ASP.NET, about websites, static and dynamic webpages, scripts.
  • About webserver controls and client side HTML controls. Introduction to HTML and XML.
  • Page life cycle. Explanation about page events
  • Page Navigation, cross page navigation, difference between response, redirect and server transfer methods.
  • Frame set concept and Iframe, introduction to validation controls in ASP.NET, grouping concept.
  • Introduction to ADO.NET, history of ADO.NET, about drivers and providers (jet, odbc, oledb).
  • Sql connection, sql command, sql data adapter, data reader classes.
  • About dataset, few examples on ADO.NET, about data controls, data source controls.
  • Example on data source controls, builtin DML operations on gridview, paging concept.
  • Master page concept, web user controls, some examples on master page and webuser controls.
  • Generation of dll file, integration of dlls, few examples.
  • Styles and themes in ASP.Net, [inline,embedded,css], one example on each.
  • Web config file, configuration settings, global application class, explain events in this file.
  • State management concept, query string, view state
  • Session, Application and examples on them
  • Introduction to remoting, examples on it.
  • About Webservice, example on it.
  • Introduction to AJAX, one example on AJAX controls.
  • ASP.NET caching, example on it.
  • Stored procedures, examples on
Topic Covered in MS-SQL Server
  • Introduction about RDBMS.
  • Data Types in Sql Server.
  • About DDL and DML Commands
  • DDL and DML command on Database and it's objects
  • Normalization, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Normal Forms and its advantages,
  • Pre defined Constraints and maintaining relationships among the tables.
  • Views Joins , Sub queries
  • About Stored Procedures With examples.
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  • In the Live Project Training what I have did in AADS Education helped me in getting a job. The experience what I have got from this is equal to the experience of one year. About the faculty, the concepts and the explanation given were excellent. I joined here for 3 months course but within 2 months I got this job. I am thankful to AADS Educations for their true guidance and support.
    Mr. Venkateshwar Reddy,

  • The Real Time Project and the guidance at AADS Education were excellent.It gave me the actual insight of the software development which helped me to face the interview confidently. I am thankful to AADS Education as, because of this training I got the job immediately.I feel myself to be lucky to get guidance from here.
    Mr. Gautham Krishna,

  • The Experience I gained from doing the Real Time Project at AADS is superlative.The International projects we do here and the way they guide us to complete them in the stipulated time managment.Here I learnt how to be a team leader as well as a better team member.I am thankful to AADS and its team which helped me to become a software developer without wasting my time.
    Mr. Santhosh Reddy,

  • I just wanted to thank AADS Education for providing such an opportunity for students to attain practical knowledge by doing Live Projects as internship. The facilities offered to the Project Trainees are very good. And the encouragement provided by the staff is really high. I feel myself lucky to be a student of AADS Education because this is the place where I improved my technical knowledge by doing projects in company environment. They have also assisted job opportunities for number of students. I am proud to say that now I am employee of Mag Web Technologies and I have been selected before completion of my course.
    Ms. N Kiran Mai,

  • It has been really good taking training at AADS Education. They made me work on their International Client Project where in I got experience on Real Projects.
    Mr. Shashi,

  • AADS Education company is good this provided me technical Knowledge after joining in this, I have improved confidence level in my life, good environment regarding worship of God, I came to what actual work is going to perform of development side. Faculty has given me Knowledge in .NET subject with Academic project, it is good. The maintainance of every work form higher level to lower level management is perfect and strict that why increased this company popularity. Students coming for training has gained knowledge it has respond in positive manner My friends and family has came to know about this company by my good feedback regarding this company.
    Ms. Asma Begum,

  • I joined AADS Education for .Net training along with academic project, and course. We learnt many things like how to develop a real time project, for this iam very much thankful to faculty for providing me good environment for development of project. I got confidence how to handle a live project. Entire training session is good. And excellent trainers are in magweb. All the best.
    Ms. Sai KrishnaVeni,

  • I joined here to do my academic project. I got a sound knowledge in . NET. The management is too good. They cooperate at every movement. The guidence is excellent. The course explained well. And thankful to all faculty members and management, After joining here i got a capability to face the Real project. By joining this company, it incresed my confidence level, that i can get the job easily in any MNC.
    Ms. Syeda Ayesha Tabassum,

  • I joined here to do my academic project. I got a sound knowledge in . NET. The management is too good. They cooperate at every movement. The guidence is excellent. The course explained well. And thankful to all faculty members and management, After joining here i got a capability to face the Real project.
    Ms. Syeda Shazia Tabassum,

  • AADS Education is a good training company for Freshers (.net/java). In this, I got experience, how to do the Real time project. I have full confidence in me after joining this company. This is good way to get realtime projects training. In this I have completed my project (online Rental Portal). After training, I was part of new projects along with my friends. Rightnow I dont have fear to face interviews. Here the faculty has explained well to us about, and be explained how to make web applications along with asp.
    Mr. Pullarao Jala,

  • Iam hari babu joined for .NET training along with academic project. But all the time of joining i thought that, i will come out with good training from this organization. but we learnt many things what we expected at that time. We learnt many things like ho to overcome the realtime problems in developement. Iam very thankful to all the faculties who guided us and administration department for providing good environment for developement. We got the confidence to handle any situation in the realtime. I came to know what are things need to concentrate in while developing the project. Apart from this i also came to know how to work with team and how to manage the team and mingle with them. Iam very sorry even i may committed somemistakes. Totally entire training session is good. Excellent trainers are in AADS Education. Iam very very thankfull to the entire team who are working for this organization. All the best for future developement...
    Mr. Hari Babu,

  • Iam MUQEED FATHIMA. Here i joined for .NET course along with project. And iam thankful to all the faculty members who provided good guidence. And after joining here i got a confidence to get the job.
    Ms. Muqeed Fathima,

  • The uncompitative atmosphere... was a great tone for beginner the colm demeanor of the teachers for those of us who were anxious. the enthusian of everybody. Excellent I just came to be exposed to every part of the process and i was and then some. The side benifit was actually completing the piece. That was a great feeling. I was a complete novice, and i now see myself doing this on my own.
    Mr. Raviteja,

  • This company is very good & my experience is also very good. In this company every problem is solve very quickly related to our project. Our faculty member are also well expeirienced. They solve our problems & check every time. Time schedule is good & lab Faculty is also exeperience holder. They remove our project error.
    Mr. Karan pratap singh,

  • It is a good we get an environment for developing a software. In this company we learned many new concepts. In this company time schedule is good and lab faculty is good. In this company my classes were completed proper schedule. Faculty also Cleared my doubts.
    Mr. Ramu,

  • The whole package was really exiting, I have increase my Knowledge level to great height. Good exposure in developing the latest realtime trendy projects like content management, the trainers really cooperative hats off to their patience to solve my minor problems.
    Mr. Mohd Habeebuddin,

  • The company AADS Education is very good in teaching the course .NET and the projects they have Provided us was also good & the faculty have also helped us alot in doing the projects. They have trained us in giving tasks, days to day work also hasbeen done. The management have also taken good care by providing us good lab & Faculty Facility.They have also provided us live projects also.
    Mrs. Geetha,

  • This is Surender,i have joined in Mag web for RTP programm.Trust me this programm helped me a lot in learning all dought & sql server concepts practically.Here in Magweb the staff members are very supportive & during working on projects only i have successfully founded a job.So,i strongly recommand that those who are looking for RTP,simply prefer MAG WEB TECHNOLOGIES(AADS EDUCATION)

  • Some one says: “Success is not an achievement its an on going process”. Journey of job hunting is very crucial now days. My optimist decision take me to the new city “Hyderabad”. Here I joined ADDS EDUCATION with the intention to learn real time Web Application development. After some time I came to know that Aads education is not an ordinary institute. Here each individual becomes the important part of the project development, students are treated equally and very important thing is that Aads education is not only providing project training but they are making the student as a complete package for achieving the dream job in IT sector. My best wishes are always with AADS Education and many thanks to providing edge to my carrier...
    Neeraj Kanojiya,

  • AADS education program has provided me with a personalized education, complete with practical knowledge that easily relates to real time project development process. The extensive flexibility in lab and the always ready to help staff is worthwhile. The real time projects have provided me with necessary skill sets to prepare me for the corporate world. The small class sizes provide a personal learning environment that boost in direct communication and clearing doubts simultaneously. Im proud to say that joining AAds was a turning point in my career. I sincerely thanks Vasanth sir, Saleem sir and Naresh sir for enhancing my skills and giving me an opportunity at Mag Web Technologies.
    Abu Fazal,

  • AADS education is an excellent institute which provides good training and support to students.The faculties here are so talented and friendly that their teaching has helped me to overcome my programming skills and enhance them more. The real-time project programme, here, has helped me a lot to learn and gain real-time exposure which, I think, no other institute can provide.This has reached beyond my expectations and benefited me in all the way in my career.
    Thanks AADS Education.

  • Aads Education is the best institute for learning and getting trained In .Net language.
    The faculty are excellent and supportive.
    The classes are being conducted which was heplful from the interview point of view.
    The real time project will be helpful for you in your further IT career.
    Rupesh Rai,

  • I am Anas Ahmed Siddiqui. I joined in Aads Education to learn .NET. The faculties here are so talented and friendly that their teaching has helped me to overcome my programming skills and enhance me more. The real-time project programme, here, has helped me alot to learn and in gaining real-time exposure which, I think, no other institute can provide. The environment here is very good and the faculties are always ready to help in any way they can. I would recommend all my friends who want to learn .NET to join them in Aads Education.
    Anas Ahmed Siddiqui,

  • hi this is ahmad, I submitted a dummy project in my college when i was doing Real Project. whenever i saw the code it was very difficult to understand. after that, i made a right step, that i came to AadsEducation. here i Joined for course as well as project. when i was started my first project i was very afraid whether i will able be to understand or not. But, the way of guidance of faculty is very good. when i was struggled they help me so much without any hesitation. And now i got the real time experience and i can able to make any project. i don't know about other institutes but, to learn .Net and to do Real Project AadsEducation is the right option. Even you will also say like this after completion of your Project.

  • hi this is harish, i got real knowledge on .net in AadsEducation. i did 2 projects here by that i feel very good on .net,and here teaching is very good.And now i know how to develop projects in real time environment, i came for project but when i came here totally different to i have confident i will do any type of project on .Net they teaches like that.

  • AADS Eduction is one of the best place to learn .Net, after joining here I learned a lot of new things which helped me a lot. I want to thank the people they guide me and helped when ever I needed their assistance. I personally recommend to join AADS Education for better future.
    Thanks to AADS Education.

  • I am Md Faizullah. After MCA i joined Aads education training program and i feel it was my correct decision. According to my view it is an institution which has a rich experience to train students in real time environment.Well infrastructure and well equipped labs are the features of this organization. Apart from this, experienced guides and lab assistants were ready to help the trainee in each and every step throughout the project. I am thankful to entire team of AADS Education for constant motivation and valuable help throughout the project work.
    Md Faizullah,

  • Hi this is Suraj. I am a mechanical graduate. I was not good at programming skills and want to improve them, I came to know though my friend about AADS EDUCATION training institute in panjagutta and they are giving training in Java and .NET. I am interested to get trained in .NET and to do some live projects and to get real time work experience. Here faculty helped me a lot and they gave me the training from basics. Even the lab facilities are also good. At the time of practicing in the lab our lab coordinators helped me a lot. They gave me proper guidance to develop the project. After getting trained in this institution, I gained a lot confidence to create my own website and develop various applications. Thank you AADS Education

  • I joined AADS Education to for dotnet training. My knowledge in dotnet before i joined was nill. But the training program and especially the project enhanced my dotnet skills. The staff was very cooperative and friendly. Today after the trianing i am confident that i can apply for jobs and start my career. Thanks to AADS
    Nazima Parveen,

  • I learnt what I was looking for. Thanks AADS Education
    Raja Ashok M,

  • Excellent training by the faculty. I gained very good knowledge about .NET. Good institute for job-oriented training.
    Manish Kumar,

  • The institute is good and trained us well regarding the The environment of the institute is too good and learning becomes too easy here.
    K. Adithya Varma,

  • The teaching was very good. I have understood quite a lot of topics which were hard to grasp earlier
    Rashmi Kalyani,

  • Gained a lot of information in a short period.
    B Naga Jyothi,

  • Best in Job oriented programming. “Valuable Education and Valuable Output”
    V Swetha,

  • Response and interaction with the students is very good.
    P Divya,

  • Teaching and management is good
    Salman Khan,

  • The faculty's teaching is very good. He also gave valuable suggestions. It is beneficial to join in AADS.
    Uma Maheshwar,

  • I am Sridhar. I feel glad to be part of AADS Education for coaching. Earlier i didn't have any knowledge on DOTNET but I gained very good knowledge which will be useful for my future. I am now able to write programming too. I am very thankful to AADS Education for co-operating with me.

  • It is a good institute with sufficient lab facilities and support.
    V.S.A. Preetam,

  • Good institute. Excellent teaching.

  • It is good to join AADS Education as it is providing quality training.
    Muni Kiran Kumar,

  • Teaching faculty was very friendly and gave me excellent subjective knowledge.
    Mayuri Latha,

  • AADS Education is tremendously exciting place to learn new things. The staff are friendly and helpful. Thanks to AADS.
    N Sai Kiran,

  • AADS management is very good. The course is a great help for freshers.
    Noori Shaik,

  • The institute is very good for students and freshers for .NET. Excellent teaching.
    K. Radha,

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